Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thansgiving Recap

I just figured i needed a good task to test out my new toy, so I'll be posting a list of tonight's activities, and updating the post as the night progresses. So...

We're having dinner with Kelly's family tonight. This morning, before we came, I decided that the deal I got on a netbook last Sunday is the best deal I'm going to get on one. I had left it in the box in case a better deal came up on Black Friday. So YAY! I got to open it this morning. I'm typing this on it now, getting used to the slightly smaller keyboard. Not too bad. Soon Kelly's aunt and uncle and cousins will be here and we'll start eating. Right now I'm blogging, Kelly's playing Guitar Hero, and Brooke is coloring cards for everyone.

Actually, since we're less than an hour away, I'd better check to make sure there's nothing I need to do before dinner. The deal was that if we had it at the Lydens house, they'd clean and we'd cook. i see Gordy peeling potatoes, so I think our agreement may be in violation....

Type at ya soon!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just some new picures :)

I've been playing around with my new phone, which actually has a half-way decent camera on it...ya know, half-way decent for 1995....but I digress. It does make it quite convenient to take pictures, because I'm not having to carry something extra around with me to do so. My last phone didn't have a camera, and I didn't miss it too much, but it is nice to have. Anyway, enough talky - here's the pics!

Ethan - the handsome devil...
Beautiful Brooke, who LOVES to pose!
My two favorite women :)
A decent candid shot
A GREAT candid!

Ok, so I realized after the fact that these were not at maximum resolution, so the next ones will be a little better, I promise ;)

Friday, September 12, 2008

The End is Here!

Well, with the summer coming to a close that means that we are back to the start of school. Brooke is in First grade this year and is thriving. She has two teachers this year and they are doing what they call team teaching. To tell you the truth I am so excited for her, because now she will hopefully be challenged in school this year instead of getting bored because she is one of the smartest in her class.
Ethan is not in school yet but he and I are getting along well at home. I think that he enjoys being the center of attention most of the day. He does get along very well with Brooke now when she gets home from school. I think that they needed the break from each other.
On top of that I started school again and this time I am in the Nursing course so I am totally excited to be going and I cannot believe that we have been through two whole weeks already. This semester will fly by at this rate.
Summer was fun and I am sad to see it go. We had a good time this year, but it seems like we have been more busy last month this month and next month then we have been all summer. With me working every other weekend it is hard to plan anything for half of the summer. In the end God is good that I am able to have a job and that my place of employment is paying for me to go to college - that is a huge burden off my shoulders - I do not have to find out how to come up with the money to go I just have to pass the class.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

When parenting can be difficult

Hmmm...this could be a short post if I just answered very frankly: always.

Specifically, parenting was difficult last night. First, a little background. I work a day job Monday through Friday, 8-5. I usually get to talk to Kelly once or twice during the day. Being away for 9 hours isn't much fun, but it is what I have to do for now. So yesterday, I talked with Kelly in the late morning. At the time she was helping Brooke count her money.

We've been trying to train Brooke in how to handle money. She turns 6 later this month, so she's pretty young, but we wanted to start young. We've been giving her chores, which if she completes she gets paid commissions on (a la Dave Ramsey). We've been doing this for a few weeks and she has never completed all of the tasks to earn her full commissions, but she usually does one or two, and has been making money each week. By the way, this helps out tremendously in the store when she asks for something - we can ask her if she has enough money to buy it, and if not, she doesn't *usually* get it :).

The thing is, Kelly thought that Brooke brought her a lot more money than she used to have. She mentioned it to me, but I couldn't offer much insight. So she counted everything up and went about her way. I wish that was where the story ended.

Later that night, while getting the kids ready for bed, Kelly noticed something odd. The change jar on our dresser seemed emptier than usual. She asked if I had taken any money out, and when I said I hadn't she called Brooke, who was in the bathroom. She must have overheard our conversation...

Instantly she broke out into loud sobs. She began to apologize profusely and say that we could take all of her money. While she was sobbing and apologizing she went into her room and brought us her money box. For clarification, she didn't have much to begin with. At most, she had under five dollars she had earned.

Honestly, my heart was breaking. It wasn't because she had taken the money though. I instantly felt sympathy for my daughter. She couldn't get away with it. It wasn't because we found the money missing. If we had never known, she still couldn't get away with it. Her instant sobbing and apologizing came from within. She was thoroughly convicted of what she had done before we uttered a word. She was so thoroughly convicted that she knew what she did was wrong, and she knew that it deserved punishment.

Imagine how hard this situation was. The stack of thoughts and emotions going through my head was hefty. A little betrayed - because she broke our trust. Disappointed because I expect so much of her. Saddened that we would have to have the forthcoming conversation. Knowing that we needed to talk this over with her. Knowing that we needed to punish her for this. Knowing that she needed unconditional love.

We went through the logistics. We made sure she understood that she had stolen from us. We made sure she knew why stealing was bad. We counted out the money, and tried as best as we could to figure out how much she had before this. She underestimated and we overestimated. We got it somewhere in the middle. We talked about a punishment together. She will do all of her chores this week without pay. We talked about forgiveness, and we forgave her.

When we talked, we did it out of love for her. We don't want her to walk down a path less than what God wants her to. We don't want her to be a slave to desires. She admitted that she just wanted more money, and didn't want to do her chores. We talked to her about how she knew what she did was wrong. How even though she didn't know why it was wrong, she knew it was wrong. We talked about how God has put inside each of us a knowledge of what is right and wrong. Then, after He gave us a sense of wrong and right, God told us in the Bible what is right and wrong.

After we were all done, and the emotions had subsided, we asked her to go get her toothbrush ready. She went into the bathroom and was talking to herself. After a minute she came back with a coloring book and a pen, and asked how to spell week. She then proceeded to write in her coloring book:




...and then numbered each one (1 week, 2 week, 3week). She said she didn't do it all at once (take the money), but started at one or two, indicating this was the second or third week she had been taking money. At this point I was surprised again. Not because this had been happening for a while, but because after we were all done, and did not need to talk about it any more, she still came back and felt it important to fully disclose everything.

We push her hard. We expect so much of her, and she does such a good job of living up to our expectations. After last night, I KNOW God will use her in a great way one day. I don't know how or when, but I do know that He will. I truly believe it was the Holy Spirit convicting her. Thank God for what he has put in each of us, even the smallest of us. Oh that I would have had that connection with Him at such an early age. She has already amazed me.

I love that little girl, and just hope that Kelly and I can be the good stewards we are called to be. That we can bring her up in the right way, and most importantly that she can know God. That we can teach her and train her and help to develop her into a strong, whole woman. We don't want to be absentee - there but not really there. We aren't just biding the time until she moves out and away. We're given a heavy burden. We thank Him every day for that burden. With his help, one day we hope to say that we've finished well.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ethan is ON FIRE!

Just a quick post noting that Ethan is ON FIRE with his words! He is currently chasing the cat around saying "Hi kitty" and "Hellooooo" to the cat. He is so cute! He's picking up words at an amazing rate these days. Fitting though, since his second birthday is Sunday! Yikes!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Count Down Starts

The count down starts I only have three more weeks left until the end of this semester at college and then I will have the summer off of school. Then when I go back in the fall I will be starting my nursing classes. I can't wait. Plus not to mention I am really getting tired of my English class. For someone who has never liked English very much 15 weeks is forever. That is kind of unfortunate because English is the only language I know :-)

Finally Done

Well let me see here it was about two weeks ago when my daughter got sick with the flu. It was a Thursday night and the poor girl was up all night. I am sure that she was the one to start this whole epidemic with what ever disease that she brought home from her school. Not to place blame on her but it just goes to show you how these things can just spread like wild fire. So anyway after she was done being sick I tried so hard to clean everything to keep it from spreading. Well I thought that I was doing really well until a week later when my son got sick. This is when it all went down hill. First he had to go to the doctor because his temp would not go away. Come to find out he had strep throat, poor thing. Then a few days later he started to throw up. Then it went to my husband and myself on the same day. Then it hit our daycare sitter and she was sick. Well I needed someone to watch the kids while I was a work so I had my mother-in-law come over and watch them. Well two days later she was sick. So then I had my mom come over and watch the kids then she got sick. I tell you what no one is going to volunteer to watch my kids any more :-) Well after about two weeks I think that we are finally all done with what ever flu that was getting passed around. Thank the Lord.